Treasure Island Ahead!

Mocha is a small island off the coast of Chile. It became famous because of the sperm whale Mocha Dick, who was attacking the whaling ships there for decades until he was killed in 1839. This white whale inspired the novelist Hermann Melville to write his novel „Moby Dick“. This classic story was the inspiration for a song cycle about departure and those staying behind, of fatal passions, love and death. The trio Mocha transformed these magical stories into delicate sound-structures with spine-tingling melodies.

Mocha – the Legend

The crew he had hired worked well together, thought the Finn*. Almost too well. The three of them were on the same wavelength, there was no mistaking that. Where the hell had they gone now?
He found them sitting on the dock, watching the seagulls and spinning yarns. When twilight fell they unpacked their treasures. Songs of finely engraved silver, pieces of delicate beauty. Flotsam and jetsam from distant shorelines, a hand full of sand, bird’s cries, fragments of memories. Piece after piece was polished with tender care. Something magical was about to be born …

The Finn had seen it coming. He listened with half-closed eyes. He felt melancholic, but also a bit proud. It was him, after all, who had brought them together. „Peculiar. Incredibly moving.“, he wrote into the log book.
Chance? Destiny? At the very least a stroke of luck, this merging of three kindred spirits – allowing the trio Mocha to meander it’s very own ways between New Folk, Singer-Songwriter tradition and chamber music.

* The Finnish-German Songwriter Martti Trillitzsch aka Mäkkelä’s Trash Lounge brought Silvia Cuesta, Micha Ködel and Gisela Lipsky together as guest musicians for his album „Means Nothing In Hitchin“. Several live gigs as Mäkkelä & Orkestri followed, which led eventually to the birth of the trio Mocha.

Mocha are:

Silvia Cuesta (vox/bass/percussion) released a number of CDs with her former bands The Shivas, Bluet and Shiny Gnomes on various indie- and major labels. She is prone to introducing new and exciting harmonic colours, thanks to her obsession for collecting all sorts of instruments. Mocha might need a lorry for the equipment soon… 

Micha Ködel (vox/guitar/violin) studied art once and (at another time) toured all over Europe as drummer of the hardcore trio Flamingo Massacres. She is exceptionally gifted as a songwriter and musician, but doesn’t really believe that herself, because she is suffering from self-doubts and perfectionism. That’s artists for you!
Gisela Lipsky (vox/concert flute/piano) started out with thepunkband Schweiger Hinten and played with The Shivas, Gaffers and lately the Querbläxers. Her interests and ideas are many and various. Between music, writing and acting she finds such an ecstasy of opportunities that she’s likely to lose the overview sometimes. Not that ecstasy is such a bad thing in general …


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