Mocha is little more than a speck in the Pacific Ocean. It would have sunk into the sea of oblivion long ago , but history would have it differently. A white whale was terrorizing the waters around the small island, a true leviathan, which attacked the whaling ships and pulled them down into the depth with all hands on board. Above Albatrosses and pink-footed shearwaters were circling the waves. Funny Birds, that looked clumsy on land, but were in their element there.

On board the „Pequod“ there was no shortage of ‚odd birds‘ either. The crew came from all backgrounds and corners of the world, from the Azores to Tahiti, among them a Royal Scotsman, tormented by homesickness for his highland wuthering heights Yet Captain Ahab made him commit to the chase for the monster whale. Starbuck, the petty officer, was the only one who adviced the captain to show more prudence as he felt sorry for the possessed man. But no chance.

Captain Ahab was a maniac, driven by deep-seated hatred. He abandoned all thoughts of coming home to his wife, never entertaining the possibility that his hunt might end differently. His hours came after a long journey around the Indian Ocean: The white whale faced up to the battle, drew his hunter under water and sank the ship. The only one who survived the disaster was the sailor Ishmael …


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